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Our passion: Quality and achieving our goals.

We are an international company with over 11 years supplying software testing services to a wide range of sectors within the industry. We are market leaders thanks to our software testing a quality assurance (QA) capabilities.

Our clients enjoy a service built from the TESTMET methodology, which is based on international parameters to reduce costs, detect bugs in an early stage of the software products, rapidly obtain information for a decision-making process to guarantee the high quality of software products.

With Finding you will:

  • Obtain confidence when purchasing a software product.
  • Certify your software product before your clients or users.
  • Optimize the software purchasing or development process.
  • Trust on the operation of your systems.

Cost reduction up to:


Delivery times reduction up to:


Early stage bug detection increase up to:


Software development optimized up to:


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Test Automation

Our automated testing service seeks for a significant time reduction in repetitive and/or regression testing cycles. That is why we use tools, strategies and robots with the ability to run tests ad high speeds. Our service will allow you to:

  • Have an organized set of tests for its execution.
  • Lower costs for tests maintenance.
  • Execution of tests without dependence on the test equipment.
  • Run more repetitive tests in less time.
  • Trace every problem found.
  • Reduce time and cost of testing cycles.

Our clients may take advantage of our Testing Automation service for:

  • Agile Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Nonfunctional Testing
  • Regression Testing

Functional testing

Our functional testing service will allow you to know if your software product meets all the requirements it was created for. When taking advantage of our functional testing services, you will be able to know

• The actual behavior of the software

• Failures that may occur during in production

• The fulfillment rate of your requirements

Finding offers this service as dynamic testing and/or static testing, according to the specific needs of each costumer.

Software products are formed by several components. During unity tests, each component is tested separately to identify errors in the logic and the algorithms, so we can validate ever functionality of the app in detail, so we can identify and fix bugs faster and more accurately.

Integration testing aims to identify bugs within the interface and the existing connections within components, which allows us to verify their proper assembly and find architecture, design and programming errors, so we can ensure the right communication within all components.

Integration tests also allow us to verify the communication within modules, components, objects or even systems. This allow us to validate their correct operation when working in conjunction with others.

System testing allows us to verify the integration of the system’s elements in order to evaluate their correct integration within each other or with other systems.

When running a system test, we validate the expected flows of the application and identify wrong outputs. That is to say, system testing is executed to test the application as a whole, so it becomes possible to validate that all of the applications’ flows meet the objectives they were created for.

System testing will allow you to know the real behavior of your product based on the functional and non-functional requirements, as well as the quality of the migrated or configurated data.

Acceptance tests enable the software to directly satisfy it users’ needs, so its usability, internal and external rules, configuration, functionality and performance can be verified.

In Finding we provide testing cases orientated to acceptance that evaluate the app completely.

Agile testing allow to integrate testing into the agile development methodologies, so clients can ensure the high quality of the software products.

Agile testing service is different than traditional software testing. Its objectives are orientated to the client satisfaction by fast and accurate deliveries, in which Finding offers a testing cycle that suits the needs of our costumers:

  • Planning and strategies for the project
  • Functional, non-functional, exploratory, regression, acceptance testing and others, as well as case studies.
  • Tests automation.

Non-functional tests

Non-functional testing aims to validate the high quality of the product from a technical point of view (behavior under high loads, volume, availability, among others) and allow to previously know the capabilities, limits, bugs and risks related to the performance of the architecture from the applications released to production.

Finding offers non-functional testing services as dynamics and/or static testing, according to our client’s needs

Performance tests let us validate the system’s response time for transactions or business functionalities under regular and maximum data volume.

Load tests allow to verify the system’s response time for transactions or business functionalities under the lowest and highest workloads.

Stress tests allow us to verify the system works correctly under different conditions: low memory or server unavailability, maximum number of clients online at the same time and multiple users executing the same transaction are some of the conditions tested. Stress tests are also ran to identify the limit conditions the system fails under.

Software modification is an innate need due to the dynamic nature of our clients’ businesses or environment. It is necessary to maintain the software in time with the highest quality and making the least possible effort.

Our maintenance testing services offers the quality evaluation of the software, which will allow you to:

  • Reduce up to a 75% of corrective incidents.
  • Simplify up to a 45% of the software’s complexity.
  • Reduce maintenance times up to a 30%.
  • Reduce up to 40% of code lines.
  • Traceability within the quality in the development process and the quality of the software product.

Usability tests allow to determinate how well the final user would be able to use and understand the app. It helps to identify the design aspects that might make the system difficult to use.

Security tests verify that an individual will only be able to access the functionalities and data its account has permits for. It also checks that only the software users have access to it.

Data migration tests aims to validate the correct system operation after a data migration process, which represent a vital supply for a software.

Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

Our software Quality Assurance service, allows us to evaluate and validate the
processes used to develop a software, so a high quality level can be provided by the software. Some of its benefits are:


Meeting the quality requirements for the software


Save up to a 30% of costs and time of the project.


Audit and Metrics for optimization


Early identification
of bugs


Save up to 40% of costs and time during software testing phase)


Knowledge management


Early solutions and feedback
to the project team


Standardize software development processes


Product certification