About Finding


In Finding we protect the quality of our customers’ software products. We watch over the tranquility of the companies of the world, so they can trust in their systems and dedicate themselves to develop their social purpose. This allows them to improve their positioning in the market, increase their competitiveness, optimize their processes and reduce their costs.

All our services are provided by highly qualified teams, whose skills and characteristics configure an optimal mix of knowledge, passion, camaraderie, responsibility and commitment.

Our goal

Being a strategic ally for organizations, so our customers have the peace of mind of having stable software products, at reasonable costs, within the deadlines and with a high degree of quality, to achieve the competitiveness they require.

Our Quality Policy

FINDING TECHNOLOGY COMPANY S.A.S is committed to being a strategic ally of its customers, satisfying and fulfilling their needs, with the aim of having high quality software products. To do this, we continuously improve our processes and strengthen the skills of our employees, which allows us to be a profitable and sustainable company.


Serve the world’s companies so that they have high-quality software products.


FINDING TECNOLOGY COMPANY SAS, in the year 2020 will be a company with participation in international markets.

Success Cases


Our Principles and Values

As a norm and corporate culture, quality in services, products, processes, administrative management and human relations.
To serve and improve constantly to deliver our best to meet our goals.
Responsibility and commitment
With our customers, with human resources, society and the state.
With the information of our clients
In favor of the satisfaction of our customers
Vocation of service
As a corporate attitude in favor of meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.