Members and Strategic Allies

Our active participation in organizations focused on the strengthening, advancement and trends of the IT industry, make us an influential company in the evolution of the technology sector.


Strategic Allies

Toolcase is our multisectoral business management tool. We developed this application to support our projects and constantly inform stakeholders about the progress made. Its modules for project and risk planning, contact management and tickets, allow us to optimize our processes and have full and continuous control over our projects and human resources.

If you want to know more about Toolcase or would like to take advantage of its great benefits to organize to your company, we invite you to go to its website, where you can find useful information about both the benefits of the tool, as well as the description of the packages that can be purchased.

Open Systems, since 1987, Open International Systems Corp. (OPEN) has provided advanced technology solutions for Public Utilities and Telecommunications companies. It is a Colombian multinational with a history of more than 30 years, has a presence in more than 14 countries in Central and South America, with offices in Miami, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, among others.

This alliance allows us to offer our clients the knowledge and experience in Public Services, Telecommunications and the Open Smartflex Software Solution. We provide solutions and support to companies that seek to use the platform to support their operations.

THE REUSE COMPANY is a European IT Company that mainly operates on software development and financial software. Its software requirement quality management tools lead the global market. Their software products are worldwide used by companies in need of high quality requirements documentation, such as Renault, Siemens, Airbus, Indra, among others.

Our alliance allows us to offer tools to our clients that will let them define, measure, improve and manage the requirements quality in a systems engineering process.